A 3D Printed, hand crafted, zoetropic short-film that asks if recalling memories can break a cycle.

Generalist Reel | Fall 2014

A compilation of my latest works ranging from 2D to 3D
Animation, Modeling, Lighting, Rigging and 3D Printing.

La Lune et Le Coq

A short film about a moon and a rooster who struggle to get exactly what they want.

Bean Caught

A short film about a janitor who works his night shift at a bank and unexpectedly loses his keys.

Here Inside You

A short about the Mana experienced during a stay in New Zealand and the questions of direction during recent changes in my life.


Hello, my name is Raymond McCarthy Bergeron and I’m a…


Media Artist

As a creative professional, whether it be Animation, 3D Printing or Graphic Design, I love solving complex communication problems – particularly visual ones.


I fell in love with this medium as a kid and had much inspiration to follow, so naturally, I wanted to share my own stories and others.  Award winning ones at that!

Tech Guru

Since my first BASIC program, I’ve earned 10,000+ hours Pro-experience in IT. Service, managing, scripting, coding – they really are art forms.


It’s evolved from a hobby to a necessity.  Learning to frame and tell stories in a single frame is important to my success in all visual areas I explore.