Still Life: Modeling, Lighting and Shading Networks

Recently I created a still life that was a bit challenging and chose a work from James Peale to emulate.  I wanted to go all out and try to completely replicate it, but figured I’d copy some and take do a twist on the work.  I struggled with wanting to do something Photorealistic vs Painterly (a word probably overused, but best describes what I wanted to achieve).  So I went with a style of lighting and look that wasn’t photo-real, but did have an illustrative look to it.  Mostly, for this project, I wanted to complete a still life in 3D using Maya within a couple days for an MFA project that wasn’t going to be just an apple.  It ended up being about 3 days instead as I went in and touched up some renders.  The bowl was a bit of a challenge to figure out as it’s all polygonal modeling.

As you can see, there were several renders put out at various stages.  I like that the grapes at the bottom were breaking the plane and I actually like the black background too.  I thought a wood-like texture for the table was better than the granite-looking version I went for originally.  Overall, I think the look came out to be pretty decent.

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