Motion Trails in Maya 2.0?!?!?!

Not too long ago I was viewing a demonstration (I believe it was about mid-2010) regarding a new technology that Autodesk was testing out for their software.  It was simply the idea of implementing editable/animated motion trails in the viewport that affects what happens in the graph editor… But now you can visually edit it in 3D with a lot of bonus!  After first seeing the Demo, I though, “Pfff – it won’t happen in a while.” Bug now it’s available with Maya 2012!

If anything, this is simply a quick post to remind me to look at this utility later as it’s amazingly-awesome looking.  I’m very curious how it’ll work out and the concept of animation layers with blending kind of blows my mind.  This would help keep those animated arcs and ease-in/outs looking great.

Hmmmm… Maybe I should start using this in my current film?

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