NYC Photo Dump: Coney Island!

Yesterday was all about visiting Coney Island.  And what an Island it is.  I’ve been there before but never on a day where it was suspiciously quiet!  Of course, it was a Friday afternoon and nothing was really open, but the beautiful day and the quiet was really unmatched.  Would have been cool to ride the Ferris wheel though.

So I went with two friends of mine within the MFA Film and Animation Program (Fenway and Xin), who I asked to be my portrait guinea-pigs.  It’s always nice to get to play with photography and find unique perspectives or just plainly shoot what you see fit.  I also tried some techniques of which I wish I had a neutral density filter for my camera lens to do so… A long exposure during a bright sunny day can wash out your photo easily.  I used a polarizer to help a bit, with some success.  I did get back home with 800 photos logged and ran through them all today.  After 12 hours picking what worked and what didn’t for a variety of reasons, below is what I chose to share.

I hope you enjoy!



  • Tom Gasek says:

    These shots are great Ray . . . you have a very good eye for design and composition AND it looks like you had a great time with Xin and Fenway!

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