Overwhelmed with possible 3D printing ideas

The Earth has been a natural 3D printer since, at least, the 1980′s.

Simply, my metaphor with all this 3D printing research I’ve been doing for the past couple months:  I feel like I just walked into a shoe shop… Now just need to try a pair or two on.

On a somewhat related note, the following are several links to some cool and interesting uses of 3D printing I’ve been reading into.   Some of which I talked about in the past, but thought I’d restate in this blog:

  • 3D printed zoetrope of a man marching:

  • Pixar’s awesome zoetrope:

I’ve also discovered that the Innovation Center at RIT has a few resources that I could tap into.  While playing a sleuth, I eventually stumbled upon a graduate student, hired at the Innovation Center who came straight from the 3D printing/production industry, who shared some background knowledge that has been phenomenal already.  I kind of feel bad taking up his Friday afternoon with questions, but he was awesome and didn’t seem to mind too much.  Hopefully he won’t mind more conversations to figure out how I can get this project done within a reasonable about of time and on budget.

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