Wishing congrats to Jen and Evan!

Happy New Year! We celebrated at this corner in the DC area!

I had the lucky pleasure of not only spending another New Years Eve/Day with Corinn, but with another couple, Jen and Evan, who just got engaged on the very day!  It came at a surprise to Jen, but luckily, Corinn and I were in the know with Evan’s plan.  I was honored to be their personal paparazzi during the night and I had an easy excuse lugging around a hefty camera that night:  “Oh, this?!  This is simply for taking pictures of the lovely fireworks in DC!”  Pfff – easy, right?  Below are just a few photos highlighting the celebration.

The Lady on the left has NO IDEA what’s about to happen…!

Evan’s beside himself… Probably his life flashing before his eyes. Breathe buddy – things will be great and you’ll do well!

A touching moment on the claustrophobic bus…

The couple was happy to jump the bus and mozie down to the fireworks by foot-beating it.

The downtown area was lit with lights and excitement.

Jen’s pointing out it’s 11:58PM according to her iPhone.

Then, outta no where, the fireworks lite and Evan pops the question. The feeling was mutual.

Five years later, they are *finally* engaged! Jen’s wondering if the fireworks are prettier when looking through the stones on the ring…

Corinn’s finally getting hugs, congratulating the couple!

Back to enjoying the rest of the fireworks – the photos are helping them to remember that there were actual fireworks.

I shot over to Corinn who immediately pointed me back to Jen and Evan to continue the paparazzi-like-evening.

Finding those special moments – Evan’s got it covered.

Jen’s particularly happy with the results of Evan finding those special moments.

This is…

…about to…

…be cute. :o)

There was much hand holding and smiling the rest of the night.

Finding a cute area with lights and trees to pose for a moment for, yet, another photo.

This pretty much sums up the awesome night and celebration.


Congrats guys – we wish you the best in the New Year and for the rest of your lives!

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