Photojournalism – Living in an Internet Cafe

Rooms in one of the Internet cafes come with a hanger, headphones, a computer and a television. (Shiho Fukada/Panos Pictures)

Photos can tell a lot about a person, environment, situation, etc.  Several of them strung together can tell a powerful story.  I just read through a heartbreaking story about “Living in an Internet Cafe” (visit the link for more photos) where people cannot afford to live in proper housing and find a resource that’s accessible so they can continue to survive and keep their job.  Mind you, what they are paying is 1,920 yen or $21 a day.  I feel compelled to help, but do not know what to do exactly.  I thought by sharing the story at the very least could make people aware.

Meanwhile, help by making these special photojournalists by encouraging them – thank them for their work.  Finding and gaining access to these stories can be very difficult and harrowing task.  Mrs. Shiho Fukada, the Photojournalist of this story, has this to say as a result of this story:

One thing has become clear to me over time, especially in the current financial crisis.  No matter the job, most of us no longer have job security. Our labor is replaceable.

I worry about America’s economy and the Global Economy.  I worry about finding a job after I complete my thesis.  I just hope things will be better in the future/longterm… Maybe I can help find a solution…?  Not sure how, but maybe I’ll continue looking, thinking, problem solving, sharing…

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