A Pixel’s Perspective


Not many are able to see, what I see, right now.

The opportunity and pleasure to think,
To be blissfully-free,
A boundless and exploratory person,
Handed to a minority on this pixel.

Some fought for it;
Some were born with it,
Silver spoon in mouth…
Many without it.

A free spirit bound for Earth,
Bound to the marbled marble.
We expect it as our god-given right from birth.

Lack of communication,
Lack of humility,
Lack of empathy,
Lack of moral,
Lack of perspective,
Complete selfishness and hate,
Take away from many persons’ right to live,
To contemplate,
A free,
Adventurous life.

If there is anything we might agree on from this perspective,
This stance, this position,
It might be that we are pretty lucky to be alive.

I’d like to work toward a way for everyone to be able to witness this altitude.

Maybe one day,
Every human chained to the blue rock,
Will be able to see, what I see and you see, right now.


(Thanks to NASA for continuing to inspire:  http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/cassini/whycassini/cassini20130722.html#.Ue3Umm0UWkM)

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