Chicago Architecture: Vertical Sky Cutters

Posted by | August 23, 2013 | Art, Photography | No Comments

In this adventure of photography, I was enamored by all the architecture in the great city of Chicago, IL.  Architecture is not just about buildings as it is also about how to design space for humans, which also includes topography, parks/recreation, etc.  During this trip, I found myself looking at windows and balconies as many of them are styled completely different from one building to another.  I love the geometric shapes found in the various eras of design.  The organicness of buildings around Chicago blew me away as well.  There’s a lot of history and expansive skyscrapers shaping the vertical view.  I took liberty in this series to focus on sections of buildings that brought interest to my eye and I played with cropping out from time to time on just parts that help define that one building.  I feel many people of Chicago could simply look at many of these cropped photos and know EXACTLY which building(s) they represent.  Are you a fellow of the windy city?  Can you pin point which ones are which?

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