It’s BEAN a longtime!

Nothing makes me happier than seeing a final product of your blood, sweat an tears – a collaborative work too – placed into the public eye. After a little over a year of being in festivals worldwide, we’ve finally decided to make the film available through the web to share the story. I was blessed with a very optimistic, enthusiastic group of artists who made the production not only feasible, but fun. My partner in crime, Megdad Asadi Lari, is an incredible artist, designer and tech guy – best of all, his humor and mine aligned perfectly. We often refereed to rendering scene files as baking another batch of cookies.

Reflecting on it, the story and some scenes could have been tightened up, animation could have been improved, but considering the short time-frame to develop it while we were not even sure how to rig a 3D model, much less learning as budding animation artists, it came out just fine. The best parts of all this were the crowds of people giving us positive feedback – even a few budding beans making some fabulous fan art! I’m crossing my fingers that the larger world appreciates the work. And, as always, this isn’t the last work that I’ll be working on… Got a few more up my sleeve including a NASA film releasing this October and some other 3D printed side projects, not to mention my 3D printed thesis.


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