Great Maya Region Batch Render MEL Tool


FABULOUS tool to fix those stupid 1×1 pixel problems in your MAYA/MR renders. Why re-render an entire frame when you can render regions? I was half way developing my own tool until I stumbled upon this free one. Though a bit cluncky (using some obsolete MEL functions for certain UI functionality), it helps shave off precious time. In my current demo reel renders, I have a stupid visible object that shouldn’t be in frame. It’s about 200 pixels of AO and Beauty passes that needs to be fixed out of a 1280×720 frame. If I was to re-batch original frames, it would take 24 hours for 144 frames. Region Batching using this tool has turned that into 1 hour.

It also allows you to go in and batch many regions if you need it to… Even allows you to select whether to render externally or within the preview. Really fabulous tool from “nowayfra”.

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