A fun and ridiculous “Don’t press the red button” contraption that I directed, designed and built for a Sheetz company event.  The idea was to create a low-cost, high-impact activation for attendees to enhance the client’s internal brand feel.  I personally love creating surprise and delights.  The inspiration was to create a mobile device that randomized fun-Siri/Alexa inspired sayings and then a special insta-dance party experience that launched randomly after a few presses that got people into the mood.

All handcrafted and fabricated within a weeks time in my garage.  Created the arm extenders using motors and custom 3D printed parts after developing a few prototypes.  Worked with other talented artists at VIVA Creative to come up with appropriate event-branded decals that could be replaced at later dates and an audio technician with voice artists to solve for the various sayings you’d hear come out of the contraption.  We also repurposed it for the office after the event for a few laughs.  🙂

Production Gallery